Les Amis de Gueules de Miel 's vocation is to :


- Gather collectors who want to meet periodically and keep informed on teddy bears shows and events ;

- Promote bear artists'work (teddy bears, sculptures, paintings, etc) ;

- Broadcast methodologies, develop a wordwide network and help to finance the projects (in hospitals or institutions) of those who use teddy bears for therapeutical objectives (psychologists, nurses, social workers, volunteers of organizations linked to childhood).


We offer :


- Participation to shows and events

- Teddy bears and therapies

- To encourage children to communicate and exchange mail (traditional or email) through their teddy bear and Bisou, the President for the ISTB (International Syndicate of Teddy Bears)

- Teddy bears free virtual postcards

- Our quarterly magazine


You can call us for information in France :
+33 1 42 00 64 27

ore-mail us


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