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    BISOU, it's me ,the President for the International Syndicate of Teddy Bears !!!


  • What is ISTB ?

    - It is the International Syndicate of Teddy Bears !

    What does it do ?

    - The ISTB, is a syndicate to protect teddy bears in their daily lives.

    Who can subcribe ?

    - The ISTB is a syndicate exclusively reserved to teddy bears. No human can subcribe.


    ISTB program :


      - The ISTB has invented the « Teddy Bear Police » to make sure the humans behave correctly with us ;

      - The ISTB fights for « Retirement at 20 years old » for all teddies ;

      - The ISTB asks for « 47 paid weeks per year » ;

      - The ISTB fights for « one square meter by teddy bear » for all teddies ;

      - The ISTB fights for « Teddy Bear at Work National day »
      All teddies will go to work with their human for one full day !!!
      In France, December 5th, 2008 French Teddies go at work -> Teddy Bear at Work 2008 edition


    - The ISTB read your mail and help its members to solve their problems :

    For instance :

      - Due to the ISTB, Byron bear succeeded to get a more comfortable chair.

      - With the ISTB' s help, Cyrano bear was able to negociate a sweather and a cap for the winter.

      - The intervention of ISTB permitted to Hertzl bear to get a brand new cooking-stove and make for us delicious meals.

      - Due to the ISTB Schwartzie was able to negociate his weekly allowance .

      - Through the ISTB, Crunch the painter bear found a female bear who modeled for him.


    How can we join the ISTB ?

    - Just ask your human owner to mail us to the « Les Amis de Gueules de Miel » and mention ISTB.

    And then, what ?

    - Each registered teddy bear can write to me :

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Bisou honoured at the HUGGLETS FESTIVAL in September 2005 :


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